Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spring Vegetable Omelette

The thing, you see, that I love about May is that Green City Market moves outside as well as so many Chicagoans, and farmers markets pop up everywhere.  It's beautiful.  We relish every minute the sun beats down and the heat threatens to make us uncomfortable.  I delight in the idea of wandering outside and stumbling upon a market I've never seen before.  But my Saturday mornings are reserved for trips to Green City to fill my bags full of greens, fruits, eggs, cheeses and anything else that I stumble upon.  It is easy to eat local in the summer and I encourage you to try it!

I found this lovely asparagus a couple of weeks ago and decided to make a spring vegetable omelette with ingredients only found at the market.

The thing I love about an omelette is that I can eat it any point during the day and it always turns out to be exactly what I want at that moment.  So here's the skinny on this omelette creation of mine.  I chopped a few stalks of asparagus and spring onions very finely to ensure quick cooking and sauteed them in some olive oil for just a minute or two.

Then I added the spinach overtop.  Use more than you think because it shrinks an astronomical amount when it cooks down because it loses so much water.  This, too, will only take a minute or two.

Then add the eggs.  I beat 5 in a bowl for this omelette, but you can make however many tickles your fancy.

The secret to a good omelette is this: don't move it around.  Just keep the heat on a lower medium setting and let it slowly cook.

See how the edges start to firm up?  Take your spatula and get under those edges, and then move the pan so the remaining uncooked egg can slide out to the outside and cook as well.  Then just kind of smush it all together.  It works I promise.  If you still have some liquidy parts, take the top of a pot and cover it for a minute or two so the steam can help set the top of the omelette.

If you're going to add cheese, add it right at the end and only to half of the omelette.  This makes flipping it MUCH easier.  Let it melt for about 30 seconds and then prepare for the flip.  Now everyone talks about flipping an omelette like it's a big deal, but it's not.  The egg should be firm enough to just fold over with your spatula.

Like this!  And if it doesn't fold perfectly, who cares?  You still have a delightful meal that is made from the freshest ingredients possible!

I served mine with my homemade whole wheat bread and lemon rose marmalade!

Spring Vegetable Omelette

4-5 stalks finely chopped asparagus
3-4 finely chopped spring onions
2 cups spinach
a lot of grated cheddar cheese
5 eggs

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