Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Healthy Weeknight Pasta

I absolutely love to cook, I really do, but there are some nights that I just don't want to get into a big project.  But I don't want to be stuffing my face with unhealthy stuff either (this is way easier said than done... cheese and bread, oof).  I was in the grocery store a couple of weeks ago and I was perusing the aisles (does anyone else, LOVE grocery shopping), when I came upon a glorious thing: whole wheat, quinoa pasta?!  YES.  It is only made of whole wheat flour and quinoa flour.  AND, it's delicious.

The dish I made was discussed in detail the night before with a friend of mine.  We agreed that olive oil should be the "sauce."  So this is what I did: I poured a bunch of olive oil in a saute pan and I sliced four cloves of garlic and I let the garlic infuse with the oil on low heat for a couple of minutes while I was cooking the pasta.  Then I washed some of the infinite amounts of chard I'd been getting in my farm share and I cut some green tomatoes (nice and tart!).  When the pasta was drained, I put the chard in the pan and the pasta on top of the chard, and tossed it together.  Here's my thing about chard and all leafy things: gooey is gross.  I just can't wrap my head around that gooey, leafy texture.  So I opted for the "don't cook and see what happens" method.  It worked really well.  The heat of the pasta gave the chard a bit of a cook but it still maintained a lovely crunch.  I also kept the green tomatoes raw.  I like doing this because it feels fresh when you're eating!  The finishing touches to this creation were a squeeze of lemon and a little parmesan cheese because let's be honest, life is always a little bit better with cheese.  You could also do this with kale or spinach, or roast some butternut squash.  The possibilities are endless and delicious.  I will obviously be perusing the aisles of my grocery store more frequently.  Genius!

1 box whole wheat quinoa pasta
3/4 cup olive oil
4-6 garlic cloves, sliced
a large handful of greens (chard, kale, spinach)
2 medium green tomatoes
1/2 lemon
parmesan cheese

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  1. I am certainly going to try this soon! I love meat free recipes! =)