Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Porchetta Sandwich

I find it hard to stick to a routine every day, week, whatever. But I do have one thing I absolutely must do every Saturday morning and that is go to Green City Market. It has become almost a joke among friends because I must get there early in case they run out of food. But, you see, they have a better selection early. And it’s not crowded early. And now that they have moved outside, it’s peaceful and I feel all those excited feelings I get when I know summer is coming.

The point is that when the market moves outside new and glorious things happen. I am required to do a lap of the vendors before I buy anything. And let me tell you that when I did my first lap of the outdoor lot and laid my eyes on this beautiful hunka meat at 7:30 AM, I had to have one.

Becker Lane has the best pork I have ever tasted and now they have decided to sell Porchetta sandwiches at the market for all of our eating pleasure. I ask you is there anything better than a pork sandwich for breakfast? I think not. On a soft ciabatta roll, an onion relish is spread on the bottom half, and then they layer the most tender and juicy meat, with the marbled meat overtop of that and the skin on top of that. As a bonus they put a tangy homemade slaw on top to sort of cut that whole meat overload that you may be picturing in your mind.

In short, I have never been so happy at breakfast as when I tasted this succulent gift from the pork geniuses.


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